Old Mail Pouch Barns…


Some of my favorite Mail pouch tobacco barns around Ohio…..


4 Responses to “Old Mail Pouch Barns…”

  1. Connetta,

    Just happened upon your page while Googling old gas stations for some artwork I’m doing. Wanted to say thanks for snapping some pics of the old Mail Pouch barns. My dad was Harley Warrrick, and he painted these barns for nearly 50 years beginning in 1946. Most of the ones you see are his, or were painted over top of his to keep them up. He passed away in 2000.

    There is a group that documents the barns and signs at http://www.mail-pouch.org. I think we probably already have the ones you have taken pictures of, but you may find the site useful for finding “new” old barns to photograph in your travels.

    All the best,

    • John Wells Says:

      I met and visited with your Dad when he last painted our barn in 1988. The Mail Pouch barn I now own was first purchased by my Grandfather and Great Grandfather in 1919. My son and I have painted over what he done, but his artwork is still there., it is located along State Route 821 in Whipple, OH.
      Best Wishes,
      John Wells

  2. Roger
    Wow… I LOVE your dad’s work. He is a legand here in Ohio. I grew up watching him paint barns back in the 50’s and 60’s and later years…
    thanks for the link…loved it. And thanks for stopping by to chat. Your Dad’s work is fading but well documented. I wish you well.
    connetta Jean

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