The show was over

too soon..

Just Yesterday

Autumn arrived

All warm and pretty


the end of summer..

When the sun was hot

And the moon full of light.

Winds of time carried in

The  beauty of fall.

(The heart of all the seasons..)

but Autumn has

Two different faces

Her temperature runs

From hot to cold.

She’s the one

That opens winters windows

And unlocks his door.

She’s not here for “the fall”

It’s just a side show ya know

Autumn paints pictures

To get our minds

off summer passing

And all summer scenes

Everything changes.

Fall colors will  fade

Into black and white portraits.

Autumn opend

Her windows

For Jack frost

On late October winds..

Her season lingers long

Into December..


Today leaves sparkle

In early morning

November sun

Trees dressed

in melting frost

Dry in the wind.





















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