Sun broke through the clouds

Melting left over ice

Unfrosting  leaves

Drying in sun rays..

Winter changed

all the rules

For Autumn

He sent one of a kind

Snow flake kisses

To melt into dew drops..

He loves her ya know

(Doesn’t everyone know???)

How her season just falls

Into winters cold hands..

(But Autumn can’t do

Her three months in two.)

She sings her own songs.

She plays her own music.

Its  still her season to

Undress the trees.

She’s not ready

to dance naked

Into winters

cold hands..






31 Responses to “Wait”

  1. I don’t know why current owner is such a pain about lettig folks take pics of this house. The craftsmanship of the workers will eventually be lost due to its neglect. It’s a pity it can’t be turned into a B&B and save the grand ol’ lady.

  2. As far as Mud House ever being restored…well just forget it !
    The city of Lancaster will never invest money in a project of this size.The current owner is one ms Jeannie Mast,she and her family have owned the house for years,and only seem to be inetrested in pressing charges aginst curious trespassers,and notin the resoration of this fabulos structure.

  3. I had on visiting the Mud House anybody have any advise for me other than not to go, I’m sure that taking pics from the road they can’t press any charges. Thanks for any answers

  4. I really like this shot – feels like the land is pulling the house into it like a wave at the beach. You really captured the lurching motion – even though this is a very slow lurch! lol

  5. I would like to see a lot of the pictures of the in side of mud house manison

  6. send me more pic of the inside of mud house mation

  7. elizabeth Says:

    i went into the house today , i dont see why ms mast wouldnt want to restore it . im sure it was beautiful at one time. but now its rundown and demolished .i remember when i was little i wanted to live there, ofcourse i never knew what the inside looked like. lancaster should invest money to renavate it or something .

  8. Elizabeth,
    Glad you found my blog and got to see your old home…i’ve never been closer to it than the road myself…but there’s a link that anouther blogger has that will take you a tour inside….( them young guys are a lot braver than me).
    thanks for sharring your memories with everyone.

  9. i have been inside the mudhouse at night and when i went in i walked up to the 3rd floor and i saw 3 figures standing up there right next to me and i also saw something running through the field really fast. the 3 figures were standing next to a partly burnt bed on the 3rd floor.

  10. I have been inside the house, and the outbuildings. It is a true shame that it is being allowed to rot away.

  11. can u get me the number to this woman and send it to me and directions how to get there.

  12. I saw a light out side the mansion last night that kept turning on and off. Why? It is either a timed light or a motion sensor light, which is it?

  13. I have taken pictures and found many pictures of ghosts. And would really like to get more details on who lived there and how many people were in the house.

  14. Stormee Leigh Says:

    This is a scary house…I went to this house last year&&& I have video of uss going in there and it shows all the stuff that is in there,,,,And there is no guy that lives in the nearest house,its only a old women and her husband die a year ago from a heart attack…

  15. This is getting really really scary because I live in Lancaster and it is the scariest thing I have ever heard.

  16. rebecca mangio Says:

    im moving to lancaster in a few months. mudhouse mansion is one of the reasons im moving there! yet i know i cant get in i dont want to, nor do i want to talk to ms. mast but the stories are cool even if they are not true. i wonder if any body has given any thought to this if we as nosey people wouldnt go bugging ms. mast or tried sneaking in would she still have the so called guards? im just saying. i agree the house should not be in the condition it is in but that is her choice. the other thing i wonder is i when she dies who gets the property? if it goes to auction the price will be huge i can bet you that! well to all who dare to vist good luck and best wishes from fellow paranormal investagator.

  17. As partial owner of a large property I will tell you why owners of these sorts of properties are loathe to let people come around.
    1. Liability. Someone fall through a floor, someone sues, you’re done.
    2. Arson, vandalism, etc. One person gets in on “special” permission, they tell their friends, word gets around, next thing you know the place is gone. I’ve seen it happen.
    3. Even well-meaning visitation can do damage. Lots of people passing through a place, walking old floors and stairs, rubbing their hands across things and picking up souveneirs, can harm things.
    Basically, there are many reasons owners of properties don’t want people around, and it’s not because they are malicious, evil old trolls. So please understand. The best way to approach people with these sorts of properties is out of benevolence, while being prepared for resistance. I agree that these places should be preserved for future generations, 100%. But having been through it myself, I can tell you that trying to talk your way through generations of entrenched resistanance can be difficult. Do so with the thought that the reason these places still stand is because someone does care about them, and try to appeal to that idea.
    Great photo of an interesting old house.

  18. If you actually do your research on this mansion you would know that its not really the “mudhouse” mansion people are getting this mansion – which is the mast mansion- confused with the actual house made of brick and mud that used to be across the sreet but was torn down. this mansion was owned by helena mast who was a single woman that inherited the house when her parents passed. she died in the 1960’s and now its owned by jeannie mast, a woman in her late 80’s. there was never any murders or slaves!

    • if you would have done your homework you would know that the mansion everyone is talking about is the Mast house and we know that there was never any slaves or murders but that doesn’t stop people from telling stories and on every web site this house is refered to as Mudhouse Mansion because it is on Mud Road!

    • i have heard stories from my father about the original mudhouse was wondering if you or someone may have pics of it my dad said it was a sight to see i would love to see it thanks

  19. in the summer time if you come thru the cornfield thru the back of the mudhouse you can get close to the back of the house and stop and about 3:00am in the morning you can hear a back door slam shut sometimes you will hear a phongraph playing old music and then youll here blood curling scream of a small child this is no( LIE) a seen a little girl walk towards me with noose around her neck it was bleeding slow and that ghost told me dont let my mommy catch you here because shell kill you to

    • Can you give me the info in where Mrs mast lives and do you have to have permission to visit would lo e to go see the inside… Thanks

  20. SO TIRED OF PPL letting these places GO TO S***!!!!!! GIVE IT TO SOMEONE THAT “WILL” TAKE CARE OF IT!

    • Heather Johnson Says:

      I Agree,it sucks to see such a beautiful place of history go to shame. So sad…If they have it they should take care of it..or give it away.

  21. Will Katelin or Gary Demastry be getting this house free of charge from Ms. Mast very soon?

  22. How does on aquire one of these properties?

  23. facebook Says:

    i live about 20 minutes away from there, i drive by it often trying to get the courage to go inside. things like this interest me very much. i know that the story about the war general and slaves is less believable than the other but you never know it could be true. there was many offers on this house but ms. mast will not sell and i do not know why, why just let something so beautiful rott like that. I might end up checkin it out, just so i can have my own opinion on it!

  24. I’m a student and if anyone has an email address, home address , or phone number for Jeannie mast I would like to speak with her thank you.

  25. what a frigging shame that the owner do not give a damn about a beautiful house, I have watch this thru images on my computer for years and it is heart breaking to see this house slowly die. Jeanne Mast would of been better off to sell this property, then not give a hoot or worry about trespassers. this is ashamed, really ashame

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