Inside Fancy house…


I call this one Fancy house, i fell in love with this old house and visited it on several occasions…..the link to my pictures inside this house is

 to see even more of Fancy House click on Abandoned Ohio’s link…


4 Responses to “Inside Fancy house…”

  1. I love going to this old house when i get down that way,,,she’s like a old friend in a rest home/ fading away.
    My Friend from flicker called “Abandoned Ohio” has also been there and if you like my pictures you will LOVE his presentation of Her…He talks more about her History and sees things i never saw untill he pointed them out. I’ve never met Abandoned Ohio, But he seems to love Fancy House as much as i did..Well, almost maybe.

  2. Do you know if this house id for sale? Anyway to find out? I have been looking for a home like this to restore. Please send me any info you have. Thanks. Awesome photo’s by the way!

  3. Lamp…

    […]Inside Fancy house… « Let's Picture ohio[…]…

  4. i have a video on youtube of this house. it is now demolishied but the barn is still standing. here is the link to the video,

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