Yellow Memories….




everyone in our family Knew that  yellow ( anything yellow)  pleased grandma….she wore yellow clothing, had a yellow cat, her curtians in the kitchen, her favorite  coffee cup.. everything, every gift she receieved on mothes day , her B. day or Christmas.. was something yellow .
as a child   before they got siding on the house in the 70’s) i remember  her house was yellow every other year that i grew up, ( the other year it was pink)…it was alwys a battle with them what color the house should be..grandma loved yellow and grandpa was starting up a  live bait store in town and he always believed the best adverisment was by word of adds in the papers for him…and having the only pink house in town  ( back in 50’s & 60’s) made it easier to find the place that sold bait..and his business ( the tiny pink building behind that little pink house ) did very well… I understood his logic. made sence to me..and it was a mellow light pink..pretty really…i have pictures of the house in pink…it’s over 50 years old..where does the time go???
but today. i came across a bouquet of yellow roses…and paused to remember grandma & her little yelow house that she built with grandpa themselves back in 1950..,  the little house  i was born in and she died in…when she died  yellow flowers surrounded her.


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