Church near the river…


2 Responses to “Church near the river…”

  1. Hi,
    I love your old church pictures! I’m looking to have my wedding at an old country church, but I’m having trouble finding them. Could you tell me where this church is?

    Thanks and happy picture-taking!

  2. connetta Says:

    this church is across the road from the Ohio River…between the bridge to West Virgina at Marietta and the next bridge to West Virginia…it is located near to the river ( to the left of Marrietta going the oposite way the Ohio river flows..) ) …my husband would know the name of the town it’s closest to but he’s not here……i just know it’s off to the left ..near a med size pond, on a gravel that area.Not far from the main road.. i do remember that there was a huge electric comapny on both sides of the river.. not far from where it is located….good luck with your marrage…

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