Moss covers the steps

That once led to a home

As if protecting


Keeping them safe .

Autumn leaves gather

Together nearby

As if to blanket the space

That held up the floors

Holding up the walls

Of a home.







6 Responses to “Forgotten”

  1. Really like this one, Connetta.
    Did you see any foundations near by?

  2. Peaceful
    the steps had a old house around it…a really nice house. the stone wall you see seems to go right into the house, seems to be built around the the stone came first…..didn’t go inside but walked around. there was 2 sets of steps one leading to the drive way..facing a huge swampy type area…..My fear of snakes kept me from looking too hard around there…at that time.
    I’ll find the house and post it next on this blog…all the pictures i took that day at that place, are in my flickr picutres…
    the house appeared to have caught fire at one time…
    Here’s a link to see the pics of this place i took that day…

    set of steps facing huge pond or side of house..
  3. Thanks for the link. I checked out the photos and I really loved the depth of some of them, and others I simply liked because of the angles you got were really amazing. Thanks so much for sharing them with me!

  4. Connie,I can’t believe we posted the same picture on our blogs the same day..Without knowing..Very cool wave length. c

  5. dirtslinger Says:

    wheres this located at

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