A Door Always Open…

If you found me by accident….i hope we will soon be friends.This blog is all pictures, not a talking blog…All the pictures was taken in ohio, along the Ohio Backroads.  – by myself, connetta jean.  Enjoy the ride, i already paid for the gas. 

I’m mostly a poet who takes pictures…To find my poetry blog here on wordpress…go to,


the door is always open.




3 Responses to “A Door Always Open…”

  1. Threshold picture. Should I stay or should I go out or back. I like it.

  2. I found your blog as I was researching Mail Pouch Barns. I am preparing for a driving trip to Ohio and Michigan and am interested in photographing them. …that is if I can find them.
    Anyway, I am mesmerized by your photos. Great stuff. You have a new fan.

  3. Dorine
    Ohio is most Beautiful in Autumn..i hope you have a wonderful trip and enjoy the simple things as i do. The Mail pouch barns are scattered around. When i took the pictures i was riding with my husband who was doing quite a lot of driving around ohio.often 300 mils a day….that job has ended and he is in collage again at the ripe old age of 58… but i will tell you, there are books and maps out there to find them. most are documented. i’ve found barns in alost every county…But, they are fading away because of the new smoking laws etc…being replaced with quilt blocks on barns and the Ohio symbol barns, some with flags..none as beautiful as the mail puch…my advice to you is document them as much as you can.while you can….go to my post on mail pouch barns and contact the man who wrote a note that his father painted them. he might be able to help you find many i have never found..those i found are in South eastern ohio…good luck

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