Wind songs


Winds sing cold lyrics

Jack frost is handing  over

Autumn to winter…..

7 Responses to “Wind songs”

  1. Adam G. Poole Says:

    Hello, I am the founder of the Metcalfe County Paranormal Investigations, in the south central ky area. I was just going threw pics on abandoned houses and i come across this one and i love it. I was just curious who the owner of this place is, I would love to do a paranormal investigation at this house. Even in the picture it just has that creepy sense. Or if anybody has a place they want investigated just shoot a email to

  2. I think it looks beautiful! No creepiness to me. I would love to own that!!!!

  3. Where is this home..

  4. I think it is past Cambridge Ohio, on the old national Road, Rt 40, which parallels I-70. There are many old semi abandoned building out that way. This one is excellent.

  5. Jean Brown Says:

    My girlfriend’s family lived here in the 1950’s. It’s in Middlebourne, Ohio. It was a wonderful family farm home.

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