My Friends call me Connie…


I have anouther blog on “word press, called “picture a Poem” where i have poems that go with my pictures ( different pictures than the ones posted here)….I have a link to it on my blog roll. My Being a photoholic…and a real addicted one..My goal is to share my favorite pictures  with anyone interested in Photography, backroads, or just seeing Ohio…I have over 6,ooo pictures on my flicker site…So if you really want to see what i do, just pop over there..there’s a link on my blogroll…         If you found me a stranger…may you return as a friend…

and please let me know who you are, so i can find your blog too…I’m especially interested in writing, photography, and Artistic things…I hope you enjoy the pictures  i’ve taken riding along on the backroads this past year. I know i had fun..if you can’t visit Ohio but wonder what you might see here..please come share my rides. i already bought the gas..

if you found me a stranger, may you return a good friend. Enjoy.

9 Responses to “My Friends call me Connie…”

  1. Hi Connie. Thank you for your comment at my blog. I have chosen this one, of your many blogs, as the one I would like to have on my blogroll. I think it is interesting to see how Ohio looks through your camera, as far as I have seen till now, you are catching same motives as I am trying to, here in Denmark. By the way, we hearing a lot about Ohio in the news, theese days, because of the comming election. This is exiting. I will look forward to see your Ohio pictures.
    Greetings from Birgitte

  2. Birgitte,
    Ohio is hard up for jobs..even my hubby is on unemployment and hasn’t got 1 job referral in 3 months…it’s real bad. if i wasn’t a nurses aide, we’d be living in a box under a bridge someplace..
    I’m a hope it goes that way…i want the war to end. i hate war. And Bush is ..well … He made us look like nasty people and didn’t get the popular vote anyways. was elected by electorial votes. Worst president we ever had.
    Ohio is a Beautiful place. ( but i’ve always lived here) still live within one mile from where i was born.

  3. I love this sky! Gorgeous! So glad I visited to see it.
    ~have a good weekend,


  4. Connie-your photos are stunning. May I ask where the old train station photos were taken? Thank you so much!

  5. Connie,
    I have a friend who lives in Perrysburg, Ohio but I was wondering exactly where is Athens County? Your pictures are stunning!!

  6. Athens county is near to Athens Ohio…surrounded by Hocking county,Perry county, Vinton – Megs county …it is down at the bottom of Ohio, not far from the Ohio river .
    I just recently ( within the past 6 months) moved 40 miles from my hometown, to Athens county..and my pictures are taken all over Southeastern Ohio, from Cleveland to Cincinatti, to Ackron, Newark, Marietta, Pomroy, Columbus, Deleware, Shade, Killbuck, Malta, cambridge, Zanesville, The Plains, Buckeyelake, caldwell, Bethesda ,Lancaster,Johnstown, circleville, Shawnee, Paris Ohio, Nashville ohio, Ansterdam Ohio, and all roads in between…..I’ve spent 4 years traveling the backroads..taking pictures, sometimes going 100 miles or more on one ride..taking 400 pictures riding very few of my pictures are from Athens county…the ones i added today are from Hocking county, near to Old Mans cave..(Logan Ohio)

  7. Heather Says:

    HI Connetta – I love your poems and photos! I’m a location scout in Columbus Ohio and I’m looking for a white barn to use for a photo shoot. You seem to be an authority on white barns and their locations in Ohio. I would love to hear from you. You can email me anytime at Thanks so much Connetta – It would be great to hear from you. Heather

  8. I found your blog from a Pinterest pin. Great photos! I live in northwest Ohio. How do you find these great abandoned old places? I love historic architecture–thanks for the virtual tour!

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