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Icy Winter Things..

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Old Doors…..

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little old buildings

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Old Brick Buildings

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Yelllow Cat Sleeping

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tuesday-early July 055

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A Country Ride…

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July 09 041



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July 09 001

Miracles and Angels…

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Angel and miracles 010


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Angel and miracles 021

I Love flowers and of all the flowers in this world my very favorite is the Miracle Lilly…some call it the Resurrection flower, and I’ve heard young people call it the Ghost flower…by any name it is a Beautiful plant..I was very happy when i moved to the country this past June to find i not only had a huge row of them, they are in 3 separate places…They have just begun to bloom, and i hope to find time to bring them inside for some close up shots soon….Enjoy.

Angel and miracles 037