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Moonville Tunnel

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They Say that the Old Moonville tunnel is Haunted…I myself did not see anything spooky while i was there, although several pictures had Orbs in them. and although we’d heard about and seen pictures of the tunnel for many years we had not seen it our self, actually we’d driven by the path on several rides not knowing it was hidden away down a rough Old Man’s Cave type trail…until last Friday when someone told us it was there….it did spook me when i went to my blog to check my stats and the tags said 666…Since  i had been trying to get the time to post my new find on the Ohio Backroads  and the pictures wouldn’t load. I decided that the numbers might be saying something to me…so tag 667 is Moonville tunnel. Enjoy my visit..It was late in the day..i plan a return trip soon.


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Tunnel in Road…

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Ohio’s covered bridges..

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This photo posted here is by Connetta jean…..Morgan county. Ohio

This is a great link to seeing Ohios Covered bridges, I think it’s the best link to see them all..Yes, Ohio still has covered bridges…