My Family-Page 1



    I remember the first time i realized my child became a writer, a author of books. I was at the local library and saw a little book in the non fiction  section. i thought to myself… that looks a lot like Terris book” . and pulled it out  to see ,it was her book…a shock went through me. I knew she had written it. i’d already read it. i had a copy for months…yet it hit me that day..

she made up her mind at the age of 9 that she wanted to do it. by 12 she was being published and before she’d graduated from school she had her own column for teenagers  in the local Newspaper and  17 Magazne had featured her as a poet..She was running a pen pal club with over 5,000 paid subscribers..This girl didn’t just write she was a writer. a master of all the tricks of a writing trade. …this is just a few of the things i was blessed to watch her do…She now has a book “365 days of walking the red road”, that has done great…This page is to introduce her photography… her hobby always was Photography, but she’s serious these days. real serious……check out her pictures by  floowing the link below..

to find her book…just google her name…she’s easy to find…

all pictures on this page are by Terri jean..and can not be used without permission..


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