Sparkles of Peace…

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Home is a place
outside of town…
where early morning fog
creeps up from the fields
and the world seems to end
just beyound the fence…
There A woman named Daisy
lives in a yellow house
surrounded by
fields of farmland…
Often she sits within
the early morning light
holding her cat named Lucy… ..
With her grey hair wrapped
in a bun on her head
and a cane at her side..
she sips green tea
in her night cloths
and remembers…
time spent farming..
laughing and crying…..
working hard
to build a life
surrounded by love..
making a house
feel like a home.
she wonders
where did time go????
Old memories seem
to dance in the fog
as she smiles.
The sparkle of peace
in her eyes



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Autumn & Jack

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I’ve heard in the winds
whispers that Autumn,
is leaving us soon..
I found her leaves
laying  gracefully
across the country road.
Like making a dare
For me to cross the line
and disturb them.
Jack frost has been,
courting her nightly now.
Bringing her beautiful diamonds
on early morning trays
of trailing  light.
They dance benieth sunsets
and slow moving fog..
His icy hands touch
places that summer
has yet to let go..
Jack loves her you know…
But i’ve been watching
(Each day she is  fading. )
her colors seem to be
losing their bright
youthful attire..
Autumns last days
are here.
She’s saying

Nov.7th 2008, connetta Jean

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The old rusted truck
Still wants to run in spite of
snow ice slush and sleet

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The Promise Of Spring..

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In spite of Winter
and His cold icy sting

Nature gives us, 
Her promise of spring..

She’ll bring the sun,
to warm the ground

And spring will spring
up all around..

Father time 
has never been late

And Every season
meets that fate..

He gives us winter
for reasons you know

Sending a  message
in the madness of snow..

Time’s never idle..
four seasons He’ll bring.

Soon Nature will bring us
His promise of Spring.

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Goodbye Old House..

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Goodbye  old house, you’ve been a friend

But  Our time together, has come to a end

For 22 years, you’ve seen children grown

their time and laughter will stay in this home.

You kept us safe and you kept us warm

Four Grand Sons, you saw born..

they laughed and played, felt safe in your walls

running and jumping on steps in the halls..

For 22 summers and winters you’ve been

where Grandma and grandpa, spent their time with them.

22 years it seems a long time ago

so quickly they passed by, ( where did time go?)

But it was never a house of our own

we  just rented, the house we called home.

Now it’s come time, for a new place to stay

and where we are going, seems so far away.

But we will remember this house and her walls

and all the neighbors and friends who…

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Old houses still standing….

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GO Away Snow!

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When it gets cold and winter winds blow
When the sky turns grey with a black & white glow.
I find myself  getting all depressed ya know?
Screaming at Nature to take back the snow…
I  want the sun to shine down on me
I want the birds to sing gleefully.
I want them leaves back on the tree
Please go away snow and just leave us be.
I think that your pretty but once is enough
Its only December and i’m sick of your stuff.
If i had it my way you’d be gone in a huff
Go away snow, you make life too rough.


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